Prison Break


Prison Break Escape Room Game | Mystery Escape Room Game

Prison Break Escape Room Game Mystery Escape Room Mumbai. This Adventure weekend activity game can be played by Kids, Adults, Students, Corporate in Groups. For Fun Activity Call & Book now
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You are wrongly accused for a crime and are locked forever without parole.

Your new “home” is a cell that once belonged to an inmate who disappeared without a trace…or did he? Some claim he escaped. Others swear he was murdered by the infamously cruel warden. But no one actually knows…can you escape before you suffer the same fate?

The warden is out of his office for 1 hour, this is your only chance!

Will you see the clear sky again with your friends at your side?

Mystery Escape Room Game Mumbai

The Amazing Escape Room Games are real live escape room game which is full of challenges and excitement. This Theme Based Room Game will boost your ability to think out of the box. It is adventure escape room game where you are locked in a themed room and have to use teamwork along with elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape the room. These Multi player or Group Escape Room Game can be played by Students, Friend, Families, and Corporate.

The Amazing Escape Room has 1 Goal, 8 Escape Room, 150 Locks & only 60 Minutes to Find Clue, Hidden Mystery, Solve the Puzzle and Exit the Room. If you are bored from movies and shopping book a ticket for Adventure weekend activity game in Bangalore.

We have basically have six theme based room for Escape Room Challenge The Lost Kingdom Escape Room , Casino Heist Escape room , Illuminati Find The Clue Room , Prison Break Puzzle room, The Evil “Lucy” Scary Room Escape and Escape the Tomb Exit The Room. This Clue Finding Games help for kids and adults get relief from a long weekend. We have started Exit the Room Games in two cities of India which are Bangalore and Mumbai. These game are also called as Escape Rooms, Escape Game Room, Room Escape games, Group Escape Games, Live Escape Games, Multi player Escape Games, Mysterious fun Game, Clue Finding Games, Amazing Escape Live Escape Room, Escape Room Puzzle Games, Real Room Escape, Hidden Mystery Games, Weekend Activities Game, Live Puzzle Room, Live Game to enjoy Weekend, Adventure Activities Game, Escape Games For Adults, Escape Games Kids, Escape Games For All Age, Escape Room Themes Games, Find The Clue Games, Real Life Escape Room Games, Scary Room Escape Games, Treasure Hunt Game, Virtual Adventure Escape Game, New Escape Room Games, The Clue Game, Clue Games For Adults, Escape Room Challenge, Escape Room Puzzles, Escape Puzzle Room and Exit The Room Games in different part of the World.




6-12 Players