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We all need a break from our hectic and monotonous routine work at office. Moreover, especially in corporate office set-ups, it is extremely important to break the ice between fellow workers and colleagues so as to initiate team building and overall collective performance for better success quotient at the office front. The Amazing Escape in Bangalore is one such Outdoor team Building activity destination which can help drastically in organising a high quality team building exercise where everyone can enjoy and cooperate so as to solve mysterious games in a joint effort with clues and hints provided therein. This team outing not only acts as a stress buster for one and all but also initiates a sense of togetherness and harmony among co-workers working under a single office infrastructure. What’s unique about these team building activities for corporates is the fact that every person needs to contribute towards one single goal by using their wit, promptness and clues given. In the end, to take back souvenirs  from the session, there is a photo session where one can capture great moments shared together during a meaningful and fun-filled team outing.

Corporates are always on the lookout for organising outdoor team building workshops and activities, and what would be better than a day full of amusement and mystery, unveiled with fun and frolic, thereby making it a perfect team outing for better relations among colleagues and office heads as well. This one hour mystery session has been designed in such a fashion that it demands intense cooperation and working in coordination so as to escape and come out with flying colours as you unlock the puzzle and solve the hidden mystery.

So what are you waiting for? Pre-book your slots today and even get special corporate packages at the most competitive rates. The Amazing Escape Bangalore can assure you com back again and again for more memories, fun and entertainment every time you experience its hidden ventures.

Our 8 Amazing Escape Room Games Themes

60 minutes and the clock is ticking...

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Syed Ahmad
Syed Ahmad
14:20 20 Jan 19
If you are looking to go some place for a team/group outing within the city, look no further. This is one of those unique and great concepts for a fun place be with friends and colleagues. There are many rooms ie puzzles to try out, each of them being challenging as well as entertaining. Some of the puzzles in the rooms can be very hard to decipher, but they do provide hints so you should be able to escape eventually. Nothing to complain about the staff as well as they were very polite. Recommended for a visit.
11:55 27 Dec 18
You won't find it amazing at first look but the more time you spend there you will find it amazing. Have played Bank robbery game. It was quite good and had different experience. Try to go in group so that you will enjoy it more. Great team building exercise and you will find out who is smarter and act smarter. 😀
Ajay Kumar Sahoo
Ajay Kumar Sahoo
13:55 23 Nov 18
We had been here today for a team building activity and believe me it was a really amazing experience. We had 3 teams playing with 2 teams having 5 members and 1 team with 9 members. The games are really well designed and requires real good effort to solve them. Thanks to the entire team at The Amazing Escape for all their efforts in making our activity a memorable one.
saurav kumar
saurav kumar
05:05 16 Jan 19
The place is very good for the first timer, this can be really a good spot for team activity, but it is heavily costly, if you compare snow city price of this place then you will find snowcity is value for money.The games here are like they have designed rooms based on different themes, and they will lock you and your team of 4-5 member inside that room for 1 hour, and there are alot of locks your need to find a way to open the locks based on the clues given in the room. It is a fun activity and you will really like this.Request to the owners, please reduce the price because just for one game it is too high.
Ganeshprasad Dhakappa
Ganeshprasad Dhakappa
09:09 14 Jan 19
Very wonderful...try to go in group with more people ..u will definitely enjoy and experience the thrill... really enjoyed a lot
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