Legends of the Hidden Temple


According to the legend, sacred stones and gems were hidden  in the

Hindu temple in the Khmer Kingdom deep into the jungles dedicated to

Lord Vishnu. One of the temples contain the most valuable,precious and

holy Ring inside. Some believe it has special magical powers ,radiations of which can cure diseases. You have gathered a team to travel to the Khmer Empire, the city of temples.

Many explorers have tried to discover them, but have come back dissapointed Now it’s your turn and you have something valuable: the notes and the clues that the previous explorers have left. You must retrace their footsteps, looking for answers and exploring the mysteries of the ancient Khmer Empire.

Can you manage to obtain the stones and break free from the temple to give humanity another chance? You only have 60 minutes as there is a possibility of a earthquake and you could be trapped forever.