Corporate Team Outing / Team Building Activities

Working in the corporate world is hard work every day. With just work, day in and day out could leave you dull and less likely to want to stay healthy, which is why corporates these days take a day out of their hectic schedule and dedicate it solely for fun and enjoyment!

Corporate events help everyone to feel happy, to stay energetic and to bond together. Since, the roster for what is required from a corporate event or a day out is hard to match, at The Amazing Escape, we offer you the complete package!

Why us?

We understand your thirst for enjoyment, a gala time with close ones and the requirement of something thrilling, all in Hyderabad. We have built custom rooms at The Amazing Escape, with clues, ideas, traps and an escape especially for you!

To add to your experience of thrill and adventure in the city, we have chosen only those themes for our escape rooms that make for an impressive journey. Time spent here will be driven by team building activities and sheer use of logic and clue.

What do we offer? 

Wondering why our themed rooms are the perfect fit for your Corporate Team Outing? Then here is the simple answer for you:


  • We give you an entire setting of a thrilling hourney. We have specially created the ambience of each room, with music and props, to enhance your expereince.
  • Our rooms can be used by twelve to eight people at once. Each team will work together to find clues and to make the great escape.
  • The Escape rooms that we offer are made for your enjoyment. Once you get in, you will only have access to what is in the room and will communicate only with those with you.
  • We have ensured that our clues are not too difficult to find or too easy to find, which gives you an impressive experience.
  • To ensure that you do not go in the rooms blind, we help you with a briefing session first. We advise you to listen to our instructions carefully before you go in.

Since our rooms are made for events and parties, we have made sure that you find what you are looking for. We deliver an experience like never before. We offer you a chance to find something better with to do with your time and with your friends.

Get in here with your team and try to break out!

Our 4 Amazing Escape Room Games Themes

Are you game ?



Rs 849 per person (Mon to Fri)

Rs 949 per person (Sat & Sun)


Rs 699 per person (Mon to Fri)

Rs 799 per person (Sat & Sun)


Rs 599 per person (Mon to Fri)

Rs 699 per person (Sat & Sun)


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The Amazing Escape
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107, Kavuri Hills Rd,
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