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Raid Escape Room Game | Clue Finding Escape Games

Raid Escape Room Game Clue Finding Escape Game Hyderabad. This Adventure weekend activity game can be played by Kids, Adults, Students, Corporate in Groups. For Fun Activity Call & Book now
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The country is fighting against black money. You have got inside information on a business tycoon and his black money.He’s bribed, backstabbed, and bullied his way to the top, surrounded by powerful people kept in line by greed, sleaze, and blackmail.

It’s time to take’m down. You and your team have the opportunity to Raid one of his outhouses where his black money is kept. You only have 1 hour before he uses his connections and stops the operation.

Our inside person has left some clues that will help you find the stash. If you are successful then this will create a major impact and will be a huge strike against black money and corruption. The country is counting on you! Good luck!




5-12 Players